About Homeopathy 

So often we try to explain how homeopathy works, but the truth is we do not know the exact science behind how it works. However we do know that it can and does heal on a very deep and holistic basis. It is gentle, it will take the amount of time needed for the healing to take place, and it leaves no side effects.

There have been many systems of practice developed over the 200 or so years of homeopathy’s history. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in Germany developed it in the 1790’s. Practitioners often find a particular method that works for them, or they might use differing methods for differing situations. However there is a basic understanding behind all of them. These are the rules that I have come to use.

  • Treat the Patient not the disease.
  • Support the vital force or life energy of the individual.
  • Include the Patient as part of the process.
  • Look for patterns left from events experienced in their lives.
  • Emotional and mental states are an important element in prescribing.
  • Trauma can block the ability to heal – work to remove it
  • Treat like with like
  • The minimum dose is given
  • Honor the path of the patient
  • Do not anticipate the outcome

We have thousands of remedies, made from plants, animals, minerals, and what we call imponderables. It takes great skill to unravel the story the patient gives in order to find a remedy. Yes there are homeopathic remedies sold for acute situation in many Health Food Stores and they can work, but they only touch the surface of the potential of this medicine. Hundreds and hundred of books have been written about homeopathy. It is endlessly fascinating.

For me, connecting with homeopathy has deepened my sense of the spiritual connection between everything. There is a life force that enters us when we are conceived and leaves us when we exhale our last breath. I have learned that we humans are but a part of it all, we are connected to “All There Is”.