13: Dracona – The Guardian: January 1 – December 31

All The Elements And Modalities Ruled By The North Star
Deity: Tyche – Goddess of Destiny


“I am Tyche, The Goddess of Destiny, your guide and guardian throughout your life. I am always there, even when you wander off the path. I do not demand that you walk the straight and narrow, but point out the way to keep you from wandering too far from your goal. Some would think of me as Lady Luck but they would be mistaken, I do not bring you fortune, I guide you with love towards yours.”

Dracona – is the ancient thirteenth zodiac sign. Astrology is more than 5500 years old and in most ancient astrological schemes there were 13 Signs. Dracona is the female dragon wrapped around the North Star, Polaris, and Ursa Major, otherwise known as the Big Dipper. It is ruled by Polaris, the star, that always indicates the North and gives us our sense of direction. Dracona never drops below the northern horizon so it is visible in this hemisphere all year round. This constellation is sometime said to be male and called Draco, but on the Island of Lesbos, where these essences were made, I was informed by several local Greeks that it is called Dracona and is female, so I assume it is an earlier name that has been lost.

The energy of this constellation is as a guiding beacon, fiercely focused and intense. She illuminates the path showing us our way, giving us our sense of direction and allowing us to know when we are headed in the right direction and not following some imposed pathway or family ordained destination. She is the guardian of us all.

Destiny Guardian

This Harmony is like a Guardian Angel, watching over us in times of confusion or temptation, guiding our footsteps when our energy and purpose becomes misdirected and lost. We can all step into false personas and lose our way. This essence may bring us a way to forgive ourselves for the missteps we have taken, and help us re-remember where we are meant to be.

Almond Amber – Self Protecter
Blue Pimpernel – Life Brightener
Capers – Potential Enhancer
Dragon Aurum – Shape Shifter
Judas Tree – Self Compassion
Nictalouloudo – Destiny Guide
Petrified Sequoia – Generational Curse Breaker