15. Aleppo Pine – Toxin Doctor

The Tree Story
Aleppo Pine (Toxin Doctor) – Pinus halepensis

The resin of Aleppo Pine is used to flavor The Greek wine retsina. The oil made from its pine nuts is used as a healing oil, soothing allergies, and internally as an appetite suppressant. These “nuts”, carry a antitoxin, but can contain the same allergen that is found in peanuts. The tree from which this essence was made, grows just at the end of the path leading into the field in front of my house. It was a baby when I first moved there and has grown into quite a beautiful young tree producing, her own babies now. One day it will be 25 meters high. Her cones do not ripen and release their seed until they have been on the tree for up to two years.

the resonance

This essence resonates with the breath chakra that lies between the throat and the heart. It is sometimes called the High Heart Chakra. This is a place of filtering, letting go, releasing. It allows the release of things held too tightly. The fear of not having enough can come to live in this place.


The Myth

“Fear could be my middle name. I must gather my rosebuds while I may, as they fade away too quickly. I must keep a safety net around me and hold onto everything I have.”


The Transformation

This sweet essence releases fears, loosening the grip of having too little, bringing a trust in their own resources, and a sense of abundance. It can address the poverty mentality syndrome. They can begin to eliminate the overload, giving away what they really do not need, sharing themselves with others. Their self-deficiency is transformed into a feeling that there is plenty to go around.

Possible Scenarios

The person who needs this tree essence is a hoarder on all levels. They are unable to let go of anything. They might be bloated, and overloaded. Holding on to too much fluid, leading to high blood pressure, water retention, too many toxins, poisoned blood. They are unable to let go and give things away, so there is little space for new things to refresh. They hold on to their emotions as if they were pieces of gold, and hold onto their pain as if it were precious silver. They hold on to their junk as if it were basic essentials. Their immune systems do not work because they cannot survive on this overload.This can sometimes be used with 16, Turpentine Tree, where there may be issues of autoimmunity.