18. Pomegranate – Changemaker

The Tree Story
Pomegranate (Changemaker) – Punica granatum

This is a tree that is truly about myth and magic. The intensely brilliant vermilion of the pomegranate flower, fruit and glittering garnet colored seeds, reflect the sacred spirituality of this tree. It is the center of many stories and myths from the ancient world. When Persephone ate the seeds in the underworld it obliged her to return every year in the Autumn, bringing on the bareness of Winter, but when she ascended again she invites the new growth of Spring. This essence reflects these cycles of dying and rebirth within us all.

the resonance

This Essence Brings star energy into the sacral chakra. This area enlivens our acceptance of where we stand now and of our life cycles. It resonates with regenerative energy within us, and the cycles of birth, death and rebirth.


The Myth

“I watch others move on through their lives but my life is at a standstill. I am stagnate, always in the past, unable to be in the present, and terrified of the future.”


The Transformation

This vibrant essence brings a fuller acceptance of the present, and sparks the ability to take risks and allow the flexibility of choice to carry us forward into future possibilities.

Possible Scenarios

This is the engine for those stuck in a rut, stuck in the mud, who have so much fear of adventure that they close off the excitement of a future. This is wonderful for women struggling with the transitions that come with the menopause, becoming a new mother, or perhaps the changes that happen at puberty for both girls as well as boys. It may help with the transition with moving to a new environment, a new country, a new house, a new job. It also would help with those who do not or will not move into anything new.