12. Cypress – Grief Soother

The Tree Story
Cypress (Grief Soother) – Cupressus sempervivens /stricta

These trees can be found in graveyards all around the Mediterranean, standing like statuesque guardians over the spirits of the dead. The wood is used for both cradles and coffins as the scent is meant to soothe both the newly dead and the newly born. In ancient Greece, cypress groves were places of sanctuary. Standing near these trees, the strong life force can be felt. This tree is associated with the underworld Goddess Hecate who stands at the crossroads and has the ability to transform death back into life, so is a symbol of transformation.

the resonance

This liberating essence resonates with the descending Crown Chakra Center. Bringing down divine energy into our daily lives, brings connection to the higher self, freeing us from isolating hopelessness. It brings us a feeling of communion with all the comforting energies around us.


The Myth

“My pain is bigger than anyone else’s in the whole world. No one else suffers the way I do. Everything is ruined. It is like an open wound that will not heal. I will never recover from the loss I feel. My wound, my grief, is endless and will never end. I am being punished like Prometheus who stole fire from the Gods and was cursed with a wound that was reopened everyday by the sharp beak of an eagle. It is so unfair. Why me?”


The Transformation

The medicine of this majestic tree brings release from feelings of persecution, allowing a return of empathy. It frees the paralyzing grip that holds patterns of revenge. It brings a third dimension to two-dimensional vision, opening up avenues of release. It brings the strength to withstand the storm.

Possible Scenarios

This essence would help those who feel targeted on the one hand, and misunderstood on the other. It may reflect a stress from grief, a misunderstanding, the end of a relationship, loss of a job or reputation, or loss of a loved one, that left them traumatized. They re-live it over and over again, becoming depressed and maybe hyper vigilant, with no expectation of relief and feeling removed from the world.