6. Tamarisk – Deep Inspiration

The Tree Story
Tamarisk (Deep Inspiration) – Tamarisk africana

In Greek this tree is referred to as almariki which means “I am a salty tree”. It grows by the sea or establishes its roots in riverbeds close to the sea. It survives well even after heavy pruning, and prolonged dry periods. It drinks the salty sea mist and then the tiny glands on its leaves filter out the bitter salt leaving only sweet moisture to quench its thirst. It can grow in fragile earth, enabling the soil to later maintain more robust growth. The flowers look like creamy pink smoke hovering in the branches.

the resonance

There is a bittersweet energy to this essence that resonates with the Breath Chakra. This lies between the heart and the throat centering on the lungs. It is sometimes referred to as the High Heart Chakra. It becomes a bridge between thinking and feeling. This is often the place where old deep grief is held, and your internal screening systems filter out the bitter, allowing a sweeter experience of life. It is about the body’s inability to filter out unwanted invasions, and release of long held pain that the mind has convinced the psyche is a permanent fixture.


The Myth

“I cannot breathe. Life has become my enemy. Life is bitter. I am afraid and helpless.”
“I am constantly invaded by all the chaos and dark bitter parts of this world. I need to cut myself off not let anything in or out.”


The Transformation

This essence brings authentic gentle protection, repairing all the body’s filters, so there is a much more balanced monitoring. Things can pass in and out so the bitterness is washed away, letting in sweeter, kinder energy. It will allow slow deep enriching in-breaths, taking life in with much less fear.

Possible Scenarios

I have seen this essence wipe out a lifetime’s suffering from asthma after only a few weeks. This essence might be for those who hold on, hold their breath, hold their grief, hold their pain, trying to protect themselves from the constant bombardment of noise and light, i.e. from an over stimulated world. It soothes autistic-like reactions when the sensation filters are so thin. It is a powerful kidney supporter where so much stress and fear is centered.