19. Chaste Tree – Lifespicer

The Tree Story
Chaste Tree (Lifespicer) – Vitex agnus castus

The Chaste Tree grows wild and abundantly all over the Mediterranean and surprisingly it stays green and flowers long after the rains have stopped. It loves dry hot sun, and from each flower come profuse amounts of berries looking like pale gray peppercorns. It is these that have been used in plant medicine to help regulate hormone disorders and cycle irregularities. This essence however is made from the flower stage before (or during) its fertilization. A shepherd’s wife stopped me as I was gathering the flowers and whispered that women make a tea from the berries for their husbands in the winter when there is not much shepherding to do, as the pregnant ewes are not producing milk. “They stay home too much.” She was laughing as she whispered “It stops their, ‘you know what’,” pointing downward. “We tell them it makes them strong.” It is also known as Chasteberry or Monk’s Pepper for its effect on men as an anaphrodisiac.

For women it has been used for hundreds (perhaps thousands) of years to regulate cycle problems, raise fertility, influence prolactin output and balance the levels of follicle stimulating and estrogenic hormones.

the resonance

This amazing essence made form the flowers brings potent star energy down to the base of root chakra, enlivening sexual energy, and lightening up creativity with a delightful sparkle. Creativity and sharing inner passion with others is about giving birth to your inner desires. Libido is about Life’s longing for itself in all of its aspects. Giving birth to ourselves, opens many creative impulses, be it sexual connection, personal desires whether expressed through sexual energy, or creative passion. It opens the “giving and receiving” energy, centering on connection with self and others.


The Myth

“My life is flat. My vitality has gone for a walk, leaving me behind in a state of abandonment. My life is monochromatic, like one very long foggy day. I see no way through the gloominess of my life. Here is no spark to light my fire.


The Transformation

This sunshine flower essence energizes vital energy, liberating one’s, joi de vivre, lighting up the creative spark, kindling the fire of creativity, expanding sexual passion, and bringing joy to wipe out depression.

Possible Scenarios

This bubbly essence would help those who have experienced years of all those “pressions”, i.e. suppression, depression, oppression of spirit. Perhaps this happens through strict parental rules, religious taboos, restricted boundaries and shame. This can lead to a loss of confidence in the ability to stand on their personal ground. There may be a history of hormonal treatment in women, or humiliating bullying in women and men.Use it with 18 Pomegranate, and 3 Fig, as a fertility enhancer.