7. Oleander – True Communicator

The Tree Story
Oleander (True Communicator) – Nerium oleander

The oleander by rights is a shrub, which basically is a small tree. It is ubiquitous, growing everywhere, throughout the entire Mediterranean and has been introduced all over the world. It is evergreen and has a long flowering season. The leaves look like those of the olive tree, which is where it got its name. It is often planted along major roadways as it absorbs pollution at an astonishing rate and needs very little water. It has been said that this was the first tree to flower in Hiroshima after their gruesome holocaust.

the resonance

This essence resonates with the Throat Chakra, which includes our oracular voice and our inner ear and is about communication, listening, and speaking our truth.


The Myth

“I do not dare speak my truth. I do not know my truth. I need to believe, merge with, follow others so I can find my path, and name my personal values.”


The Transformation

This numinous tree essence releases the stoppers that prevent true words from being released. It is like taking a hand away from the mouth. It will bring flexibility and courage to access one’s ideas and true belief. It will allow a clarity of communication to flow and thoughts to be more flexible. It may allow one to become their own guru.

Possible Scenarios


This essence is for those who are reticent to speak out. They might feel that they have nothing to say, or that their words might bring them some harm. This leads to things being bottled up inside, so it results in suppression and holding on to polluted ideas. It might help someone with chronic sore throats, inflamed or swollen tonsils, or ear infections, which cannot progress into healing. This could reflect an inability to ripen and mature in their lives. They may have difficulty learning new things, or taking on new ideas. They might be someone who follows other leaders with charismatic ideas, or they may be stuck in holding patterns due to their own bottled up, fixed ideas. It may be a remedy for when there is intransience of opinion and doctrinaire beliefs.Oleander might be used with 13, Tree of Life.