12. Pisces: Feb 19 – March 20

Mutable – Water – Ruled by Neptune
Deities – Atergatis – Mermaid Goddess

(Greek for Mermaid is Gorgona)

“I swim the rocky offshore water, protecting those lost in a sea of confusion, guiding them to a place of shelter from the storm. I am half fish and half woman, full of compassion and a love of deep emotions. I fathom deep into psychic understanding. My mother, Aphrodite passed on to me, the capacity for great passion and love.”

Mermaids represented love and feminine power what we might call yin. Mermaids know what’s in our hearts, and are legendary for only appearing to the true of heart. They come only in the light of the moon or at the hour of the first dawning light and at dusk between sunset and the true nightfall. These are magical times – when sight and perception becomes fuzzy and mellow. This is when time comes to a momentary standstill, and awareness opens to the universe. This is the perfect time to create magic in our lives – by defocusing our vision and letting go of our grip, we can create an inner tranquility, surrounded by our own true sparkle.

Pisces – Pisces is a mutable water sign and therefore is the most watery of the water signs and represents two fish swimming in opposite directions. It is final sign in the natural astrological year and on some calendars, it ends on the last day of winter. The image of the spring thaw that softens the icy clamp of the earth melts and liquefies again. This is reflected in the shimmering Piscean energy. The sign is interpreted as two fishes swimming in opposite directions, showing the diversity of emotions contained here like a whole cauldron of magic waiting to manifest. However the diversity of emotion, and the left-brained lightness may make conformity and fitting into a status quo a challenge.

Mermaid Magic

The openness that comes with this spiritual, psychic sign that closes down the astrological year, means there is always a danger of merging with others. This harmony helps you find the asylum you are seeking and contain your motility for a while so you can safely open to your magic again.

We can all get into this state of feeling that we are serving ourselves up on a platter for others to devour our hard earned energy. This harmony may toughen up our edges and allow us to cater to our own needs, and swim in our own direction, accepting ourselves as perfect.

Chicory – Emotional Releaser
Hollyhock – Ancestral Wisdom
Judas Tree – Shame Releaser
Pulsatilla – Self Love
Poke Flower – Emotional Safety Net
Staphysagria- Stand Your Ground
Tamarisk – Deep Inspiration
Yellow Asphodel – Mind Focuser