3. Fig Tree – Passion Enhancer

The Tree Story
Fig Tree (Passion Enhancer) – Ficus carica

The sensuous fruit of this tree is really an inverted flower, with her reproductive parts turned inward. In order to reproduce she needs to invite the fig wasp to penetrate her. When this happens and the wasp lays her eggs within the inverted flowers, she then dies. When her offspring hatch, they pick up the fig pollen onto themselves before they create a canal, and fly away to later enter another flower, transmitting the first flower’s potent pollen. These trees wrap their branches and trunks around themselves, the perfect picture of self-love.

the resonance

The sacral (sacred) chakra contains a woman’s reproductive and sexual organs. This sacred place is where fate’s future lives. This is where desire arises, which after all is Life’s longing for itself. When this center is damaged, or traumatized, by violent abuse, through shame, medical misdirection, hormonal manipulation, this vital spark is diminished.


The Myth

“I live in the shadow of my shame. I am closed down. I hold myself close to myself. It is not safe to be open. I will be hurt. I must hold down my desires or I will be destroyed.”


The Transformation

This lovely essence allows this hallowed center to open again and spin with passion for life, for sensuous pleasure, for joy. It removes the blocks to creativity, bringing empowerment and a sense of self worth. It welcomes back natural cycles, awakening the ovaries, and allowing creativity to flow again. It may allow her to know when open sexuality is safe, after a history of abuse.

Possible Scenarios

This essence can act like a female aphrodisiac. It often helps where women have had fertility treatments that may or may not have failed. She might lose the joy of her sexuality because she feels a failure as a woman. Another scenario might be if she has been shamed through harsh religious dogma, sexual wounding or humiliation, leading her to believe her body is her enemy. Her humiliation greatly diminishes the entire range of her creative energy. This essence works well with Pomegranate and Chaste Tree.