Greek Tree Essences

Created by Melissa Assilem

These essences were made from trees and flowers growing on the Greek Island of Lesbos in the Northern Aegean Sea. Using mountain water and the sun method they have been made lovingly by hand and in small batches. Their medicine is truly awesome and you will find that the combination of the spirit energy and the power of the Greek sun make them truly unique.

These trees hold long memory and deeply rooted ancestral patterns. Greece is a land of ancient myth and magic. These essences will shift personal myths that can be major hindrance to healing and wellbeing.

There are twenty essences. They create a circle of rising energy in the first box, and descending, grounding energy in the second box. Each one is connected to a chakra, but more importantly they also have their own unique individual healing pattern.

There is historical evidence to show cross cultural exchange between Greece, Anatolia, eastern Mediterranean countries, Egypt, and most notably India. It is unclear if the Shakti-Kundilini Goddess came before or after the Cretan Snake Goddess, but there is no doubt that they have the same roots. Kundilini means coiled power like a sleeping snake. The snake awakens and energizes the vital systems of the body. The Greek Trees are a force for bringing power to these centers. Use them with love and you will surely be rewarded.

she the mother
the life force
the womb of
the earth
holds us to her 
warm and safe
in the dark
of the place
of regeneration
and then
and then
she sends
her energy up
sends her kundalini
snake up
asking us to
stand on our
two feet
alone but
with her
and then
and then
she sends
us to the
place of fertility

fertile potency
of chakras
up and
sending us to
and then
and then
she sends
us back
we feel the
with everything
back into
the collective
life force
she the earth
the life force is
the mother
of us all.