20. Oak’s Mushroom – Linkmaker

The Tree Story
Oak’s Mushroom (Linkmaker) – Auriculia auricula – Wood Ear

We have come full circle. The roots of (1) Valonia Oak tree become enmeshed with the mycelium of its mushroom (20), bringing us to complete the circle of trees. Mushrooms aid trees by allowing their roots to absorb nutrients and water and build a fungal defense against invasive diseases. The tiny fibers of the mycelium, enrich with probiotic nutrients and protect with an anti-fungal shield. It is a symbiotic, illustrating how life links all its creations together.  Auricula has been used medicinally in many ways as it regulates the flow of vital energy.

the resonance

Subterranean -Sub-rosa – Earth Star Chakra. Sparked by the stars, and sometimes called the Earth Star Chakra, this is the place of connections and focus, both emotional and physical. The tiny strands of mycelium make a living subterranean internet, enabling a connection to all the living and composting life on earth. Mycelium are the delicate life threads growing unseen in the earth’s soil, culturing organic matter and delivering nutrients to all trees, and plants.

The mycelium extends the power and flow of the rising side of the circle (1-11).


The Myth

“I feel such total isolation from the rest of the world. I am a confused introvert, disconnected in my social, emotional, professional, intellectual and personal life. Most of my life does not make sense to me, and I just cannot get things together.”


The Transformation

With this amazing Essence’s ability to make connections, link up things that have come awry, it can repair the many, many tubular and electro-dynamic message carriers to provide a smoother communication and ability to absorb things more accurately.

Possible Scenarios

The picture here is one of lack of direction, lack of focus; things don’t flow as they should. The spectrum of disconnect may go from oddballs, to any disorderly or eccentric connection with normal function. This may be due to damaged patterns of attachment to mother, or to one’s source or purpose in life, or it may be completely physical, as in a quirky digestive tract, blood flow, signals from nerves and synapses in the brain, or from our molecules of emotion. Somehow there is a lack of connect, and things don’t link up. Everything slows down, and there is a distorted flow going on in some dimension. We see might this in dyslexia, or dementia, as well as emotional trauma, that might bring some form of amnesia or hyper-vigilance.