2. Taurus: April 20 – May 20

Fixed Earth – Ruled by Venus/Aphrodite
Deity – Io- Cow Goddess

Io was The Holy Cow or The Sacred Cow. She was linked with the Egyptian Goddess Isis, and still manifests as the Holy Cow of India. Her horn became the Cornucopia, The Horn of Plenty, pouring forth all the fruits of the Earth. She was honored as a “wet-nurse” to humanity. The Milky Way’s name reflects the importance of the sacredness of milk cows. Gala, is the Greek word for milk, as we see it in our modern word “galaxy”.

“I am Io, The Ancient Horned Cow Goddess and Earth Mother. My Earth medicine brings you a sense that all will be well, and that I will nurture you, providing all that you need. I ask you to trust and honor me. I ask that you love where you stand, and know that you are safe in my loving hands.”

Taurus – Taurus is the earthiest of the Earth Signs, as it is fixed. The energy of Taurus is deeply rooted in the earth. It is grounded, solid, generous and comfort loving. There are also strong aspects of passion and love. It is about pleasure, comfort and sensuality with a deep sense of loyalty to friends and loved ones. Taurus energy can become very fixed, and then it may put the sense of grounding out of balance and turn into an extreme need for stability that can become entrenched and generate a great fear and uncertainty.

Walk Forward Lightly

This harmony is focused on the ability to trust the ground on which we stand, so we can walk lightly on the Earth. It is about a balanced stance with resilience. However, we can all find ourselves in a state of stasis from loss of trust, and get out of sorts with our stability. This essence promises to bring you to new horizons, relax your roots, roll your rocks, and allow you to move forward again.

Dragon Lily – Shape Shifter
Giant Fennel – Gentle Kindler
Red Poppy – Deepens Insight – Brings sacred and spiritual connection
Salsify – Expands boundaries into more open spaces.
Scarlet Pimpernel – Broadens horizons bringing courage for adventure
Walnut – Safety Net