6. Virgo: August 23 – September 21

Mutable Earth – Ruled by Mercury
Deity – Demeter, Earth Mother


Goddess of agriculture, fertility, sacred law and the harvest

“I am the Guardian of the Harvest, and the Sacred Laws of Nature. With careful attention, I offer you the grains of truth and the ripening of the fruits of your labors. I bring you trust that the harvest will come and when you honor the sacred laws of nature all will be well.”

As Earth Mother, Demeter presided over the rhythms of her domain, and when the cycles became disturbed, went off course, or were abused, she herself went off course and could bring forth famine or flood. She is the Law-Bringer. She asks that we follow her rules of the cycling seasons, keeping to and honoring the sacredness of The Earth.

Demeter is the mother of Persephone (for more about Persephone’s story go to Aries). For over fifteen hundred years, at the beginning of autumn women performed the ritual of Thesmorphia. A sanctuary dedicated to Demeter and Persephone was uncovered in the 1995, archeology excavation, in Mytilini, the capital city of Lesbos (the island where these essences were created). This ritual eventually evolved into the Eleusinian Mysteries, performed until 392 CE when halted by the invading Goths.

Virgo – Virgo, the last of the summer signs is an earth sign but not with the solidity usually associated with the earth element as it is also mutable, and ruled by Mercury, a planet that can be very changeable and fast moving. This makes its energy very challenging. There is a dualism here, as there may be a fear that if the line is not towed the world will fall apart. The feeling of Virgo is about seeking perfection and clarity with a need for caution, and for being meticulous. It is as if when things get out of place it will lead to chaos, so there may be a compulsion to put the world to rights. This can result in a fear of being flexible and taking risks. This fear of change may inhibit dreams from being fulfilled. Like Demeter, they may feel like the Guardian of Sacred Laws, and become rigid behind their boundaries.

I DARE YOU – Virgo Harmony

The energy of this harmony is a release from a mental and emotional straight jacket. It brings flexibility and an easing of tension from perceived misdemeanors, expanding horizons, easing of strictures whether self imposed or imprinted by others. In short, it works as a softening of the “inner dictator”.

However all of us can get into a state of disarray. This essence will help when you have a project or scheme or maybe even a dream that has become bogged down in the need for exactitude. Use it to move it all on. Maybe you are not always a “nit-picker” but lately you cannot stand anything out of order.

Conium – Take a chance – loosen up.
Elderflower – Releases feelings of isolation and of belonging.
Poke Flower – Shreds the entrenched status quo and brings flexibility.
Pulsatilla – Brings self-love and alleviates guilt for perceived crimes.
Salsify – Expands ones boundaries to move into more open spaces.
Scarlet Pimpernel – Brings the courage for adventure and chance taking.