5. Leo: July 23 – August 22

Fixed Fire – Ruled by The Sun
Deity – Lion Goddess – Cybele

The Neolithic Lion Goddess

This Neolithic Lion Goddess from Catal Hoyuk, evolved into a number of goddesses around the Eastern Mediterranean. This includes the Minoan Lion Goddess from Crete and then the Mother Earth Goddess Cybele. All of them are surrounded by their Power Animal, The Lioness.

This first image (at left) is the Lion Mother Goddess from Catal Hayuk in Anatolia, (Land of The Mother) 7500-5700 BCE.

The image on the right is from a seal showing The Minoan Lion Goddess from The Bronze Age Aegean culture of Crete, 2700 to 1450 BCE.

This third image (at left) is of Cybele, who was adopted into Classical Greek Period (500-400 BCE) as an Earth Mother and The Powerful Goddess of Wisdom.
All these images represent a powerful conscious persona. They are out there, in their power, center stage and magnetic.

Leo – Leo is the fifth sign of the Zodiac, ruled by The Sun, the center of our universe and the fuel for our being. It comes in at the height of summer when the Sun is still very high in the sky. It is a time of exuberance when Nature is in Her fullness.

The energy of Leo is one of magnetism, ambition and strength of purpose, bringing with it the ability for accomplishment. It reflects creativity and openness. Being the center of attention is such a big part of this dynamic, enthusiastic, pleasure loving, sign. There is a flair for the dramatic and this may veer into an autocratic pomposity, perhaps even a bluntness, with a lack of awareness for the feelings of others.

Sunshine Shakeup

This charismatic sign glitters through the hot summer. Beautiful, bright, glamorous, but beware the glare, as too much Sun can scald. This essence will help you to shape-shift the wildfire into a burnishing glow. We can all get into a state of constant high drama, drawn to the limelight, and this harmony of flowers may help you express your life in a more generous way.

Morning Glory – Emotional Connection
Red Poppy – Deepens Insight & Brings Sacred and Spiritual Connection
Broom – Feminine Powerbroker
Walnut – Safety Net
Tree of Life – Know Thyself
Giant Fennel – The Gentle Kindler