4. Golden Sunburst – Self Image Grower

The Tree Story
Golden Sunburst (Self Image Grower) – Caesalpinia pulcherrima

This small tree makes up for its humble stature by producing astonishingly beautiful flowers. Their stamens are as much as 4 inches long, reaching up to be admired, and their showy scarlet and golden florescence are breath taking. They reach out and upward as if saying, “Am I not the fairest one of all?”

This is an old plant indigenous this area, originally called the “Acacia of Istanbul.” They are now found in gardens as well in many wild places of the maquis.

the resonance

This essence resonates with the Solar Plexus Chakra. This is the place of self confidence, self worth and the ability to control one’s life. Named for golden sunlight, this is a place where outside influence finds an easy entry. When this centre is diminished, we can take on criticisms from others, especially from those we love. We may also be persuaded by current fashion that we are lacking.


The Myth

“I have no substance, or perhaps I am made of the wrong substance. I am wrongly formed, out of shape, and am empty inside. I need to change and improve myself. If I were only more perfect then people would love me.”


The Transformation

This extravagant flower breaks the myth with her true beauty. The solar plexus is strengthened, the hole in the self esteem center is filled in, and self love flows once again into their lives, trusting that they may not be perfect but they are lovely just the way they are.

Possible Scenarios

This essence would be for those who cannot protect themselves against outside influences. Criticism and the judgment of others enters them, filling up the empty space where self-confidence may once have lived. They take it on as if it were deserved. It has arisen for people with anorexia, body dysmorphia, addiction to surgical makeovers, those wanting more and more perfection and those whose self esteem is linked to their physical image. This may also occur when there is a history of abuse.