Dream Catcher

In dreams our guardian spirits reveal things to us that they would like us to know. In our complex and busy lives we cannot retain the messages, we become puzzled by them and do not recognise their meaning. We wake to our daily chaos and quickly forget what we might have learned from them.

The Valonia Oak and her mushroom are joined here by the Blue Pimpernel, Red Poppy and the sap from the Almond Tree, to help your right brain communicate your dreams to your left brain so you can remember and learn from your dreams. The Dragon Lily frees the magic within your dreams, firing awareness to their messages. The mushroom is very powerful in giving us clear insight so the interpretation does not get all “logiced up”.

Take 6-8 drops as you go to sleep. Continue for at least two weeks to get the best results. Keep a tape recorder next to your bed to record your dreams as you wake or write them in a dream diary.