7. Libra: September 22 – October 22

Cardinal –Air Ruler–Venus/ Aphrodite
Deity – Themis, Goddess of Communal Law



“I am the Organizer of Communal Affairs, especially when people assemble to make mutual decisions. I never wear a blindfold or brandish a sword as I am depicted toda,y looming over courthouses around the world holding my balanced scale with the idea that “Justice is Blind”. My talent is for prophecy and precludes that necessity. I represent true common consent, not coercion. I can foresee the future and was one of the diviners and founders of the Oracle of Delphi. I now shine in the night sky as the guardian over fair-minded beings.”

Libra – Libra begins with the autumn equinox when the light and dark are again in equal balance. This is a clue to the energy of Libra as the constellation represents a balanced scale.

The energy of Libra is one of being in balance and unprejudiced in life with a strong desire for harmony. This is a sweet gentle energy, not one of manipulation, but the need to bring fairness to the world. It is about objectivity, and the desire to do what’s best for everyone, soothing conflicts and negotiating peace. There is the wish to study every possible angle in the hopes of achieving that balance. This may lead to difficulties in making personal decisions.

Balancing Act

This Harmony is about big hearted, peacemakers longing for fairness and equality, but struggling to keep some happiness for themselves. This essence will help you remember yourself, when you get lost in your compassion for others, bring you into balance, as to what’s yours and what’s others. We can all get into a state of indecision and become unbalanced. This may be helpful for making make more confident decisions.

Black Poplar Tree – Clear Insight
Judas Tree – Self Compassion
Oriental Plane Tree – Open Sociability
Petrified Sequoia – Generational Curses
Staphysagria – Stand Your Ground
Valonia Oak – Self Reliance