8. Scorpio: October 23 – November 21

Fixed Water – Ruled by Pluto
Deity – Medusa – Goddess Of the Deep


“I am the goddess of the depths. When wrongdoers look at me they know that I can see into their very core. I wear serpents in my hair as they can reveal the truth of hidden struggles. I rule the oceans, guiding those who are lost in a sea of confusion bringing them to a place of clarity.”

In early Greek myths, when men looked at Medusa, they knew that she could see into their souls. Her fierce gaze terrified those with a lust for conquest and power. When their eyes met they knew their inner soul had been revealed, and they became petrified, (turned to stone).

In the Patriarchal/Classical age that followed, her fierce power was so feared that she had to be destroyed. The myth of Perseus, who is said to have approached her while she rested, and using his reflective shield to avoid her gaze, slashed off her head. Her head then was seen on the shield of the Goddess of War, Athena and the guardian of Athens. It became a reminder that the older, pre-patriarchal religion was no more.

Scorpio – As we move around the zodiac, further into the waning of the Sun and the darker times, we see it enter Scorpio. The energy of this sign is intense and deeply transformative, compensating for the unfocused energy of Libra. Scorpio’s energy is about seeking, shape-shifting and the solving of mystery.

There is always more here than meets the eye. Scorpio energy is about extremes and intensity. It reflects very deep insight. There may be a cool, detached and unemotional façade to those who do not look, yet lying underneath is tremendous power, extreme strength, intense passion, a strong will and persistent drive. On the outside, there can be great secretiveness and mystery. There is a magnetic attractiveness to such penetrating perception. There is a lack of willingness to join in the games that others may play. Close friends are treated with great respect, kindness, loyalty and generosity.

Dark Discerner

This harmony reflects a balance for the fierceness of this sign and for the All-Seeing Eye. The intensity here might become too much, leading to an insight that may be frightening and perhaps lead to a fear of their own power. It may help when you are facing depth-charging change in your life and cannot see the path ahead helping to balance the acute focus with the ability to see the bigger picture, without the sting of extremes. This helps you to remember to come up for air.

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