9. Olive – Reweaver

The Tree Story
Olive (Reweaver) – Olea europaea

Many of the olive trees in Greece are thousands of years old. There is a long time between the flowering and the ripening of the fruit. They soak up the sun throughout the long hot season. They have sustained an ancient way of life, which still exists. Their medicine has an astonishing array of historical uses. The leaves, in tincture, are used as a vasodilator, relaxing blood vessels, lowering blood pressure, relieving angina and circulation problems. The oil is an ancient cure for all manner of aches and pains, and is reputed to prevent cancer if consumed in large enough amounts. Olive branches have been a symbol for peace from the dove, which carried the olive branch to Noah’s ark as a sign the flood had begun to recede, and as a wreath worn by victors in the ancient Olympic games.

the resonance

This tree, so symbolic of the Mediterranean, resonates with what is called the Web Center Chakra. This is the network and circuitry that communicates between the reptilian, mammalian and the neo-cortex areas of the brain. It is here that patterns are set, and become permanently entrenched. This is the center where emotions are felt before they reach the place of thought.


The Myth

“Here I go again. I keep repeating the same old, same old mistakes. I think I have overcome them but they sneak back on me, over and over again. They must be part of my destiny, or in my DNA! I just cannot shake them.”


The Transformation

This astonishing essence is not able to get rid of the old circuitry, as it is so solidly laid down, but it will build new roadways, making a detour around the old, and these roadways become a permanent fixture. It may be used with any other remedy or essence, because it helps to speed up and maintain the process of change.

Possible Scenarios

Olive is good for someone who is striving to change, but cannot break the pattern. Blueprints laid down in this tangled web of circuitry are near on impossible to shift. We get more and more entrenched as we grow older. These patterns may seem to have shifted, but then turn up again, decorated in a different costume, but underneath the clever disguise is the same old culprit. On an emotional level, they may have had remedies and essences and therapy, but the lurker keeps reappearing. On a physiological level, it can also be useful in Alzheimer’s, dyslexia, or autism.