16. Turpentine Tree – Self Trust

The Tree Story
Turpentine Tree (Self Trust) – Pistacia terebinthus

This is related to the pistachio vera, in fact it is the root stock for these true pistachios. It is in the cashew family and is an anacardiacea. It grows wild and well in the maquis as it has amazingly strong roots. Its flowers are insignificant, but they produce very pretty drupes which can be mistaken for flowers. The trees are unisex and a true native of Greece. References can be found in ancient Mycenaenean texts. Alexander The Great ate the leaves as a strengthening tonic. It is still used as a vegetable in some remote villages. This is the tree sometimes found covered in handwritten prayers and votive blessings, as it is thought that angels hover in its branches. This is a custom very much disapproved of by the Greek Orthodox priesthood, who periodically remove the offending offerings.

Recently it has been discovered that the resin, once used for turpentine before petro-chemicals replaced them, contains a very powerful anti-inflammatory called triterpene.

the resonance

This amazing tree resonates with the Heart Chakra, a place of expanding responsiveness to affection. As we bring the star energy into this center, it brightens the immune response, as this is where the thymus center lives. Here is the home where self-compassion lives, bringing tenderness and unconditional love for our own selves. In comparing this to number 5, The Oriental Plane Tree, we can see that in its rising energy it is about expanding love for others. This one with its descending energy is about enhancing self-love and devotion.


The Myth

“I live with an affliction of misguided self trust. I am unworthy. I am toxic, inside and out. I dislike myself and don’t deserve to be here.


The Transformation

It brings forth the ability to stop the autonomic wars within, that annihilate the material body and inhibit the self healing that we are born with. It helps the body’s defense system recognize what is an invader, and what is a friendly native response.

Possible Scenarios

This essence points to those who have auto-immune problems, not recognizing what is theirs and what is foreign, so they attack their own defense systems, eating away at their self-healing ability. This may be indicated in arthritis or any condition with an auto immune response.

This might be paired with 13, Tree of Life.