2. Petrified Sequoia – Generational Curse Breaker

The Tree Story
Petrified Sequoia (Generational Curse Breaker) – Taxodioxylon gypsaceum

The earth in the entire southwest corner of the island of Lesbos covers a vast forest of trees that have become petrified. The beaches have sand made from the stunning colors of their silicate that has washed onto the shore and their trunks lie exposed like sleeping titans.

These ancient colossal trees were stopped in their tracks, 28 million years ago, by an enormous volcano. From that moment on they never changed their shape, but slowly, slowly petrified, turning themselves into stone, matching the feelings of the violent traumatic eruption.

the resonance

This tree spirit resonates with the Root Chakra. This energy center spins in the place from which we arose, – our roots, – our ancestral DNA, making up the soil from which we grew. This is the place holding-patterns of survival, passed down through generations, the place where our ancestors live. This is also where male sexual organs lie.


The Myth

“I carry traumatic patterns, so deep, so buried, as if they were in my bones. I don’t know why, but no matter what I do to change, I cannot remove the feelings. It is like a cloak of fear or a veil over my whole life.”


The Transformation

This tree spirit is about breaking myth, curse, terror and shock, by allowing the trauma to be recognized and releasing it’s grip, erasing the holding patterns, bringing fluidity and flexibility. It is like removing a suit of armor made of stone.

Possible Scenarios

This would be for those who carry deep-seated patterns that keep them stuck in a place of trauma and shock (petrified) that stops them from becoming flexible and fluid. These patterns may have no specific name but carry unknown terrors and feelings of shame and misdeeds. Think of this, too, when there are persistent addictive templates be they sexual or self-medicating with drugs, alcohol, and/or violence. It has been seen to ease and erase PTSD.