11. Tree of Heaven – Opens All Possibilities

The Tree Story
Tree of Heaven (Opens All Possibilities) – Ailanthus altissima

This tree grows like a wildling, from seed, and sprouting and suckering. It pops up all over the place, fast growing but short lived. The branches are delicate and vulnerable to the wind. It is not affected by pollution; in fact it can raise toxins from the soil, transmuting them into food for their own growth, then passing them into the surrounding air as clean oxygen. The Greeks call them “stink trees” because their broken branches and leaves give off quite a stench. Even so, they are safely fed to sheep at the end of the summer when most other fodder has dried up. Their fan-like leaves can be up to a meter long and their seed bunches look like highly feathered wings.

the resonance

This tree resonates with the Extra Terrestrial or Ultraviolet Chakra. This center vibrates above the Crown Chakra, and is thought to be the highest point of energy with which we humans can resonate. It is known as the place that hold patterns from past-life experiences, or one might say where karmic residue lives. This is not the same as ancestral patterns, as it is about spiritual wisdom beyond mundane fears. It is from this place we can soar into the place of our higher calling.


The Myth

“I am unable to get to my intended path. I am afraid or do not have the courage to take charge of my journey. It feels like an old and fossilized story. I am afraid to move forward in case I never return to a place of safety. I am afraid of taking the risks I need to take.”


The Transformation

This Essence gives the gift of courage, to catch your star and bring that expanding energy down into this lifetime. This essence removes the fear of flying. It frees the spirit trapped in the body. It allows a huge repatterning of the “hold-back fear” that keep one chained to the “I cannot”. It brings the “I can do” energy into being, opening up a clearer direction to one’s destiny. I have named this essence The Star Grabber.

Possible Scenarios

This might be for those who have a terror of taking chances, or going after their dreams. It could be to do with fear of failure, perhaps even fear of success due to the responsibility it might bring. It also helps those who have gone out into space and have not found a way back, so they live in a perpetual state of removal from reality, as if in a drugged state.