17. Judas Tree – Self Compassion

The Tree Story
Judas Tree (Self Compassion) – Cercis siliquestrum

There is a long-standing myth that Judas Iscariot hanged himself from a tree of this species. This belief is related to the tree’s common name “Judas Tree” which is possibly a corrupted derivation from the Tree of Judea. Another possible source for the vernacular name is the fact that the flowers and seedpods can dangle direct from the trunk in a way reminiscent of Judas’ suicide. 

the resonance

The flowers of this stunningly beautiful tree resonate with the descending solar plexus chakra. This is where we integrate personal power, fear, anxiety, and form opinions about ourselves. This is where the patterns of introversion can dwell, bringing a sense of self de-facing. When this area is doing well it can feed our self esteem and help us find a spiritual connection with compassion.


The Myth

“I should have made different choices. There are so many unlived lives within me, and if I do not live them out, it will break the last bond with my hopes and dreams. I am like a sacrificial lamb giving myself away to all and sundry.”


The Transformation

This is a cleanser for the regrets about past decisions and sacrifices, bringing freedom from the quagmire of haunting persistent self effacing memories. It can ease the bondage of persistent feelings of guilt.

Possible Scenarios

Helpful where there is regret about sacrifices made for others in the past, resulting in a closing down of generosity. They may have become solitary, or somewhat antisocial, and feel everyone wants something from them, as if everyone wants a piece of them and if they let that happen there will be nothing left of them.