8. Black Poplar – Clear Insight

The Tree Story
Black Poplar (Clear Insight) – Populus nigra (subspecies betulifolia)

This tree is a very old cultivar developed for planting on the borders of fields as a defense against high winds and to demarcate boundaries. It is a fast grower but it breaks easily and is drought resistant. Its branches reach skyward from the central trunk. This prolific yet fragile tree can be seen all over the Greek countryside.

the resonance

This wonderful essence resonates with the Third Eye Chakra or the Brow Chakra which is about envisioning the future, balance, wisdom, and trust in one’s inner guidance system. It is about intuition and discernment. Here we see the right brain and the left brain working together.


The Myth

“I am like a blind person and cannot see where I am going. I teeter on the fence, not knowing on which side to step down. Why did I do what I did? I keep fighting the enemy and I don’t know why. “


The Transformation

Breaks the myth by bringing a sense of self-forgiveness from what they perceive as past crimes. It is like removing the veil that blinds their forward visioning, bringing self trust, trust in one’s own judgment, better discernment, peace of mind and clear insight.

Possible Scenarios

This essence might be for those who have been made to make disastrous decisions in the past and are tortured by them. They have had to choose sides, when whatever the decision would be hurtful to them. Those who have been asked to do things beyond their present capacity, which leads to losing trust in their insight and inner wisdom.