10. Persian Lilac – All Life Is Sacred

The Tree Story
Persian Lilac (All Life Is Sacred) – Melia azederach

This tree does not come from Persia nor is it related to the lilac. It is also known as the Indian Bead Tree, as the berries were dried and used as prayer beads and rosaries for hundreds of years. The Greeks often call it the jasmine or jasmini, because of its fantastic scent, and indeed the leaves are similar to those of jasmine. A tincture of the leaves and flowers is an old cure for menstrual cramps. An ancient old Yaya, (grandmother) told me it was called “Melissa”. I thought she was joking with me but that was before I knew the Latin name, Melia.

the resonance

This sweetly perfumed tree resonates with the Crown Chakra, which is about connecting with universal or cosmic consciousness. This is the place where we can be in touch with, or open up to the divine energy of our spiritual nature. It reflects the inner wisdom of The-All-There-Is.


The Myth

“I have so much, but my life still feels empty. I am discontent, and cannot find peace no matter what I try. There is an empty space in me that I cannot seem to fill, even though I have everything I need. I always think I need more.”


The Transformation

This gentle essence brings a sense of divine connection, easing feelings of loneliness and the need to control. It opens eyes to the true beauty of the natural world and the spiritual nature of universal connectedness. It allows one ‘to go with the flow” and resonate with the joy that surrounds them.

Possible Scenarios

Think of this essence when there is a spiritual disconnect. The person may be seeking for enrichment, finding false answers in material things. They might be very stuck in left brain ideology where dreams, intuition and magic cannot be incubated. They cannot connect with the beauty and power of nature, as they see it as something they can’t control. They might in fact be major control freaks.