3. Gemini: May 21 – June 21

Mutable Air – Ruled by Mercury
Deity – The Twosome Goddess


This is a replica of the Paleolithic Double Goddess whose many names were lost over time, but whose images can be found all over Old Europe, in the caves of Southern France, in Egypt, across Western Asia into India and in the Americas. She represents diversity within us all, and the sharing, and reflection of differing parts of ourselves. She is a mirror image looking at herself and finding a way to be true to herself in all her various parts, teaching us that we can find comfort in our own unique amalgam.

This Twosome Goddess also soothes opposites, dark-light, night-day, moon-sun, joy-sorrow, in fact this reflects all our Mercurial opposites while creating a beautifully balanced image.

Gemini – This third sign of the Zodiac is a mutable air sign. As we move out of the Fixed Earth of Taurus, Gemini brings a lighter spontaneity. Air is about movement and active intellectual flexibility. This sign is dominant during the last days of spring as the days lengthen and become brighter. It ends on the Summer Solstice when the sun reaches it’s zenith and begins its long return journey into the Dark. It lies between two seasons and Gemini, the twins, represents a dual nature. This is “dual “and not “schizophrenic” or split.

Gemini energy is about the power to marry opposites in a way that creates new pathways and innovation of concepts. This can manifest in a balance of yin and yang energies, or it can become a mishmash of patterns leading to complexity and confusion. There can be strong feelings of compassion for the inequality in our world. This energy is also sensitive to subtle changes in vibrations, and there is the excitability of an pre-adolescent child with great love and passion for life.


This harmony is a soother when it feels as if you are being blown about in many directions, becoming scatter brained, indecisive, with an inability to systemize thoughts and motivation. Perhaps there is an urge to cling to others too hard and not make personal decisions. The balance may tip, changing creativity and compassion into hard-edged prejudice, forgetting compassion and losing empathy for others. This of course can happen to all of us and if you are in a state of feeling hard done by or separated from the world, or have a bee in your bonnet and can no longer see the trees for the woods, this essence may be just what you need to merge back into your warm loving self.

Black Poplar – Clear Insight
Golden Sunburst – Self-Image Grower
Oleander- True Communication
Oriental Plane Tree – Open Sociability
Tamarisk – Deep Inspiration
Tree of Life – Identity Clarifyer