1. Valonia Oak – Self Reliance

The Tree Story
Valonia Oak (Self Reliance) – Quercus macrolepis

Valonia Oaks only grow in this part of the world, across northern Greece, Macedonia, and throughout Anatolia and into Turkey. On Lesbos they can be seen almost everywhere. They seem to grow where they choose rather that having been planted and can become very large and stately. They are one of the evergreen oaks, but drop a few leaves throughout the year as a way to conserve energy in the harsh climate of the maquis.*

They are the largest trees on this landscape. They thrive in the long dry period of the Greek summer. Though their flowers are quite small, their acorns are unusually large. This essence was the first tree essence I made. The tree, very close by my house, was the first thing I saw each morning as the sun rose behind it in the east. I called her my mother tree, as she often spoke to me when I was lost as to where to go next. She gave me direction.

the resonance

The energy of this tree resonates with the Subterranean Center or we could say the Earth’s Placenta. This is the place that feeds and powers all of Earth’s beings. It vitalizes our engines and feeds our sense of purpose. This is the fire-power that awakens the kundalini snake as it rises up through the other chakras. This energy is our birthright, however, there are thousands of reasons why we may find it difficult to keep in touch with our power.


The Myth

“I cannot find my own power. I need to be led. I do not have what it takes to live my dream, so what is the use. I cannot find the grownup to show me what to do.”


The Transformation

This tree spirit breaks the myth by bringing SELF RELIANCE and FOCUS. This allows you to recognize and focus on your own inner-power, while helping you to reconnect to your roots and personal potential. It is a powerful grounding force.

Possible Scenarios

Those who need to follow someone else’s path, or perhaps cannot complete their desired tasks due to lack of concentration. Perhaps when used with others, it might help those with ADHD. This essence might work well with Almond Amber, Olive, Oak’s Mushroom.

*The Maquis is a dry growth area on the lower slopes of the mountains bordering the Mediterranean. Many of the plants are aromatic, wild thyme, laurels, and myrtles. Olives, figs, and other trees are scattered throughout these areas.