10. Capricorn: December 22 – January 19

Cardinal Earth – Ruled by Saturn
Deity- Capra The Goat Goddess


“I call you to the summit, to do the very best that you can do, keeping you feet secure on the rocky mountain slopes. I remind you that as you look toward the summit, to remember to look down at your feet to keep your climbing secure.”

It is not clear in Greek Mythology whether Capra was a goat or a Goddess. There are many images and stories of her being both. The goat may have been her power animal whom she milked to feed the infant Zeus, or she was part goat herself and gave him succor. In any event, Capra’s star was placed in the heavens as a reward for her services.

Capricorn – We enter Capricorn at midnight in the last minutes of the shortest darkest day of the year. It is the nativity of the new Sun as it begins its journey to maturity. The energy of Capricorn is a creative one and of striving for a goal, climbing the mountain, focusing on a sense of purpose, reasoning out the best way up the slope. There is an independence and high mindedness that helps achieve the goal. We see a structure surrounding this energy as in careful route planning before the journey begins. However, once the heights are reached, there may be a terror of falling, sliding back down the slope, and having to begin again.

Capricorn – Easy Traveler

This Harmony brings a more flexible outlook, and allows an easier and more level journey, softening the striving. All of us can lose sight of our passion by becoming rigid with ambition and afraid of taking risks. Easy Traveler may loosen the grip and allow us the ability to “Go where no ‘man’ has gone before”.

Aleppo Pine- Know Thyself
Sun Rose – Learn From Experience
Tree of Heaven – Opens All Possibilities
Wild Thyme – Step Up
Walnut – Safety Net
Yellow Horned Poppy- Mood Soother