9. Sagittarius: November 22 – Dec 21

Mutable Fire – Ruled by Jupiter
Deity – Artemis


“I am the goddess of the hunt but I never do harm. I hunt down the hunters and protect the hunted. I am a totem for strong women who step beyond borders. I aim my focus towards truth and clarity.”

Artemis is a goddess of very ancient pedigree, going back in history to the Neolithic times. She is an independent goddess who does not follow the straight and narrow. Her bow and arrows given in childhood were never used for harm. They are symbolic and an aid for focus, insight and intuition leading to the ability of being present and to manifest ones target.

Sagittarius – The energy of Sagittarius is one of questing, exploring and searching for meaning. We see here strong conviction, a sense of being outspoken, generous, optimistic, and curious. This is an expansive enthusiasm, with a yearning for a wide range of experience. The archer points the arrow towards a goal, seeking answers, searching for wisdom. It is like a guide to the target has been lost in the details, so there is an inability to see the bigger picture.

Focus Finder

This Harmony can bring a focus to those who have become scattered in their aims and passions and beliefs. This a mutable fire, and the fear of it morphing into a wildfire out of control could lead to dousing the flame. This may strengthen Sagittarians by allowing them to have strength in their beliefs, protective of their wanderings, and a sense of security and optimism in their lives. We can all lose our way and this may help any of us to keep to the point of our purpose.

Yellow Asphodel – Thought Focuser
Oleander – True Communicator
Broom – Feminine Powerbroker
Morning Glory- Emotional Connector
Almond Amber – Self Protector